Mystery Testing - Pioneers in Switzerland
We monitor your business from the perspective of your customers. In this way we can illustrate how your customers experience your business.
We introduced the method of Mystery Shopping in Switzerland in 1994 and conduct approximately 8'000 Mystery Tests per year. Our customers can retrieve the test results online from our Lp-Mystery Testing-Application©
We offer the following types of application for Mystery Testing:
Mystery Shopping Classic
Shopping tests with lay customers, for example in a shop or at a counter
Mystery Shopping Premium
Purchase- or counseling-tests with trained customers and individual customer feedback
Mystery Calling
Test calls, for example assessment of telephone exchanges and customer service support
Mystery Visiting
Testing service quality, such as hotels, restaurants, airline companies
Practical examples
We would be glad to show you what our application looks like and what it can do through practical examples. We have carried out Mystery Shopping projects at retailers in the field of sports, lingerie, watches & jewelery, shoes as well as a car insurances.
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Charles Wyler is happy to illustrate these services to you in a personal meeting.
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Mystery Testing